I'm Hayley JoAnne I'll cut to the chase, you want to know what makes JO.Co different from other designers? My answer is always me.
  • 5 + years of direct marketing and competitive sales training.
  • 3 years of international travel, as a promotions manager for global non-profit.
  • 2 years of hands marketing management and national recruitment.

So why is what I do so different from other Web & Graphic Designers you ask?

I use hands on psychology and marketing techniques that only advanced marketers know. I use the sales secrets, no one wants consumers to know. I use those secrets to grow my business, and more importantly when designing your brand.

The secret to design isn't just aesthetics... it's psychology.


They can't and won't teach these skills in school.

The Team

Daily I work at the mercy of these two creatures Lady & Sheela two dogs with more personality than you could dare ask for.
They are my inspiration and they remind us all... nothing should ever be taken... too seriously... unless its a ring toy.

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