What Type of Logo Should Your Business Be Investing In?

So you’re ready to get your Logo on! That’s one of the most exciting elements to piecing together your new business and brand.

Maybe you’ve already hired a designer or stuck thinking of what direction to go in first for yourself.

 Well, I’m here to help, let’s take a look at the 3 Types of Logos and what’s best for your company objective.



1.     Typographic Logos

I’m sure you’ve seen these everywhere, look around! Typographic logos are common and incredibly classic. Typographic is just composed of words representing the brand. The reason businesses might start off with typographic logos is for instant recognition, simplicity, a full representation of the company’s name. This is great for both small and medium-sized businesses, but even some major brands won’t stray away from this sleek approach.




2.     Iconic Logos

Iconic logos,  look identical to how they sound they aren’t easily forgettable! Much like iconic music, iconic logos are timeless. The trick with this particular logo is only the biggest name brands should go in this direction, because it requires a massive fan base before removing all typography. If you have a large budget and you’re ready to make the transition to pure imagery, this is the logo choice for you.

Examples: Disney Land, originally included typography but in today’s marketing, you’ll find the simple Mickey ears representing the Disney crew these days.


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3.     Combination Logos

This is the perfect combination of sassy meets classy. I’m sure you guessed it, combination logos are the most commonly used by the world’s Top 100 companies. Why? We as people are visual but also appreciate clarity. It’s no wonder this is one element of the Marketing industry that will never go out of style.

 For small and large businesses alike, you can almost never go wrong with choosing a combination logo for the best of both worlds.


What logo concepts has your business been considering?