Why Your Business Should be Blogging?

Today, in business... I'm sure you've bumped into two key players over and over and over again.
Increase your SEO! Start Blogging! Go go go! 

If you're doing everything, they say you're still not doing enough. 

Hey we aren't here for all of the theatrics, we are here to bring you some clear insight on how blogging can help your business this year. 

Let's start with the obvious: Each element is interconnected.

Better SEO Means More Traffic!

This is the 21st century and it's a powerhouse of ever changing technology. One tool you MUST learn as a business owner is how to maximize Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

There are two Search Engines sweeping the competition in 2017 so it's best we focus on the two most used by your audience. 

  • Google- Most utilized by businesses of all shapes and sizes.
  • Pinterest (Woah What?) 
    • Yes, if you're not utilizing Pinterest as a tool to launch your company into action, you should be! 

Pinterest has a lot of misconceptions amongst the business community. You may have asked yourself is Pinterest right for us? It's best to share some of the facts, this way you'll walk away making the best decision for your company based on who your target audience is.

  • More than 80 % of Pinterest Users Prefer to Follow BRANDS instead of Famous Individuals.
  • The Average Pinterest Used is between 20-40 and Women are a significant majority of the platforms membership.
  • Men have different 'Pinterests'- so this is best suited for humorous postings, technical posts, men's fashion or automotive brands.  
  • Showcase your Brands genuine likes and personality. It doesn't ALWAYS have to be about the sale, focus on connecting with your audience through similar interests. Then through the connection of your pin to your site- WAHLAH- you'll drive inspired pinners straight to your site.
  • Pinterest is a Search Engine! 
  • Pintrested Recently Released their New 2017 Statistics: 
    • More than 150 Million People Finding Inspiration through this platform (150 MILLION PEOPLE you're not connecting your brand to.) 
    • 80 Million are outside the USA (for those of you reaching a larger audience).
    • Finally half of the Pinterest community makes more than $50 K per year, with 10% making over 125K a year. 

If you're not creating a strong company SEO on your site and especially targeting these two resources, you may start feeling your companies growth goals are falling flat. 

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More Traffic Means Build More Credibility!

  • Now that your SEO on your website is getting the boost it needs we need to take your credibility to the next level! What is the easiest way to build credibility and trust among new visitors? BLOGGING!

     Blogging is a powerful tool that sets you apart from your less educated competition. Not only does it show sales isn't everything your business lives and breathes, it also shows you know your stuff! 

                  Here are your biggest benefits to starting and maintaining a company blog: 

  • Deliver valuable, updated information to users searching for answers.
  • Helpful content means people have a reason to trust what you do.
  • SEO for each blog drives new readers to your site regularly.
  • An active website with regular postings will rank higher on Google.
  • Be the GO-TO leader in your industry