How to Attract your Ideal Client

One of the biggest questions I run into online and off in this business from potential clients is how to attract the 'Ideal' client. How is it that we can turn off the clients we DON'T want all while maintaining true integrity and still building a base of clients we've always dreamed of having...?? 

The answer isn't all that simple but good news for you, it is attainable! 

Today I am going to walk you through my process for attracting ideal customers, not just any old Joe off the streets. 

Pull out your notepad honey we are getting our hands dirty with an exercise! 

* Take a moment to ask yourself the same question you're reading about today. How do I find and attract my ideal client......? * You have to think like them. 

Who are they? --> Go ahead and start identifying who it is that you really want. 

  • Their Age?
  • Gender?
  • Income?
  • Married or Single?
  • What do they believe? 
  • Do they have hobbies? 
  • Books? Facebook Pages? Movies?
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Now go ahead and get more specific. I dare you. 

  • What do they think about? Dream about? What is she/he feeling right now? What is in his/her private thoughts? 
  • What does he/she worry about? 
  • What's his/her biggest fear? 
  • What's his/her greatest joy? 

Are you done? More importantly, are you feeling closer to this person you want so badly to attract? 

I hope so, because really my only advice to attracting your ideal client... is to be so well in tuned with them that you can't help but find them. With every Advertisement, Instagram Pic, Conversation, Update, you are taking the above questions into consideration. You are targeting this very specific group of people you now know too much about.

They are connected to you and you to them. So if you're seriously sick and tired of attracting all of the WRONG people, it's because your focusing your energy on pitching all the WRONG things. Take a step back, enjoy the roses and enjoy. They are out there, dying to find you. 

Best of luck!