How to Make A No Navigation Sales Page on SquareSpace


I'm the type of girl who likes to do things as cheap and efficiently as possible, maximizing my SquareSpace subscription instead of working through sites like ClickFunnels + Lead Pages (though both very powerful tools). 

If you're like me, then this post will walk you through the steps I took to take my existing website "JoAnne Design Co." into a lead generating machine (using the Five Template). 

Step One: Create your blank page.

Head to your "Not Linked" section in your Pages section and click the ( + ) to create a blank page, title it appropriately ... it will be visible (mine is simply "Thank You"). 

Once you've created your blank page, begin placing your design elements. 

Typically a Thank- You message for opting into the freebie is a must to give instruction to your subscriber on what to expect. 

Personally, I use the Markdown box for customizing the text code as you see in the photo displayed. It gives you the versatility to add color on certain words, use strikethroughs, make sections larger and smaller... you name it.

Step Two: Eliminating the Header + Navigation for a "Landing Page" look.

For those of you unfamiliar with code, I will do my best to make this smooth and simple. 

Head back to your PAGES platform and find the page you've created labeled "Thank You". 

Click on the GEAR icon to the RIGHT-hand side. 

Click the ADVANCED tab and you will see a code box labeled
"PAGE HEADER CODE INJECTION" enter the code below.


/*To Make Banner Section & Page Navigation Invisible on Selected Page Only*/

 #banner-area-wrapper {display: none}
#page-header { display: none !important }

If you have an announcement bar enabled on your website that WILL REMAIN visible. If you would like to remove that as well insert this code below: 

/*Removes Annoucement Bar on this page ONLY*/
 .sqs-announcement-bar { 
 display: none !important 

Make sure you hit save and your changes should be active. 

Step Three: Adding a SquareSpace functional countdown timer.

Here was the tricky part, the internet is packed with many useful tips and tricks on installing and adding countdown timers. The issue is most of those timers, if not all... are designed for events. Meaning they count down days and do not reset on each visit. 

For this page to truly represent a functional "Click-Funnels" style countdown page, you want a timer that creates urgency and will reset from 10 minutes with every visit to the page. We searched the internet and had ZERO luck finding one that was free and easy to install.

POWr is a tool that allows you to recreate this effect simply and easily, the downside is it does require a paid-subscription monthly.

Personally, I like to do things one- and- done so we went ahead and made one! 

You can purchase our countdown timer for only $10.00 below.
One time fee for use on your SquareSpace site.


If you have any other questions on how to create your sales page, connect with us! Until then, enjoy & happy hustling.