The 3 Most Common Programs Used by Designers

First Up: Adobe Illustrator

Used for making crisp vector based images, logos and adverts. This is the secret to success for designers! Illustrator is a powerful tool that allows us to turn images into resizeable art. With vector imaging you can easily print, market and post your designs anywhere in the world while feeling confident your image will be in perfect condition. 

Second: Adobe Photoshop

Everyone knows about Photoshop! Well known among photographers, it is often used by designers as well. This program is meant to manipulate images for their sharpest conclusion. Designers will use this to create uniform images for websites, finish advertisements for social media and perfect the small imperfections. 

Finally: Adobe InDesign

This is the silent secret many don't realize exist. It's incredibly efficient for creating flawless documents used often in magazines, resume building and e-book creation. It's a fantastic tool for creating unique marketing freemiums. You can print CMKY or save for the Web in PDF formats, no matter what you choose the integrity of your design will stay consistent. 

There you have it! The short and simple explanation of the programs you should be using if you're working towards a design career OR you're just a small business looking to take on some extra responsibility right out of the gate. Back in the day these programs were costing HUNDREDS of dollars individually! We are living in an amazing era today where you can have access to ALL of the Adobe Creative Suite programs for a monthly subscription of just $50.00 bucks. Woahh! Taking the leap will give you amazing perks like font downloads and access to useful forums for beginners. If you're still having troubles... don't hesistate to reach out to the JoAnne Design Co. crew and we'll help you out! 

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