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Includes 40 high quality blue & pink ready to post instagram / Fb graphics. 

Did you Know....??

Your business should be blogging?

If you're like my clients, you either
A. HATE blogging or B. Don't understand why blogging is crucial to your companies website.

Not only do all serious hitters online include a blog on their sites, the most visited websites HAVE A BLOG because it drives visitors to their site every day.

This is serious.

If you want to grow your company AND drive visitors to your site a blogging is your make or break.

So here are the benefits

  • It builds strong SEO keywords you need to be seen

  • When you google questions... most of your top answers are blogs, blogging gains Google Visibility (Drives CONSISTENT Traffic)

  • It will help you be considered an expert in your field

  • It develops personal relationships with your audience

  • It gives you constant content for your social media ( reposting your blog for Instagram & FB for maximum visibility)

    If you're ready to start blogging, I'm here to help


    For only $150.00 per month you'll recieve 3 customized blog posts designed specifically for your business.

    Content writers and other services can charge anywhere from $300 to $600 a month for company blogging. Due to lack of affordability small businesses either cough up the cash and suffer the losses, or sacrifice the exposer to protect their expenses.

    My month-to-month- service, makes blogging easy and pain free again. saving you days of hard work and leaving you more time to spend focusing on what matters.

    Starting is Simple
    All we need from you to begin blogging,
  • A feel for your companies vision and brand
  • Your industry and goals
  • A small list of topics that are must knows for your customers.

    We'll take it from there!
    Each month you'll recieve 3 personalized posts matching your company brand! These can be shared easily on Facebook and Instagram as content as well!

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